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Different Ways to Successfully Sell Your Clothing Line

Designing a clothing line requires that you know how to sell it in order to have a successful business. There are lots of designers that are creative and talented but in the long run many of them end up with their designs and creativity being stuck in their closets or in boxes because they never planned well on how they’ll sell their products.

We aim at setting up our designers for success and helping them do well in their product sale and that’s why this blog post was compiled to enumerate several ways which you as an apparel designer can successfully sell your clothing line.

Trade Shows

If you’re aiming at selling your apparel line to large retailers, online stores and boutiques, this might probably be your best option. Attend trade shows. One of the largest apparel trade show is at WWDMAGIC in Las Vegas where buyers fly in from all over the world just to be a part of this fashion event to buy for the upcoming season. Many of these companies are looking out for latest brands that are unique and trending. At this show, there is a section called POOL that is specifically for new brands where they give new designers the option of taking a smaller space/booth at a relatively affordable price for their first time of being a part of the show. This can be a good place to start with. Also, there are many other trade shows nationwide if it happens that Las Vegas is too far away from your location or you probably want to shop around for booth prices. Some of these trade shows are Chicago Collective, Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market, Temporary California Marketplace, Coterie and lots more.

Independent Sales Reps

Using independent sales reps is also a better option if you’re targeting to sell in wholesale to larger retailers or boutiques because many of these reps already have relationships with these companies. If you’re looking for a good sales rep, you can search the web such as or you visit the markets in your area and walk into showrooms with your line-sheets where you can talk to different reps to get a suitable one that can represent your brand. In return, sales reps might ask for a fee to showcase your line in their showroom and for commission depending on the sales rep. Some will only ask for a commission. Sales reps differ in how they work but many of them attend trade shows such as WWDMAGIC or other smaller trade shows where they can showcase your line at a cost effective fee. This would really be a good option for you because your line can be at a larger event for ¼ of the supposed cost. However, the downside might be that the rep may not be as attentive to your clothing line since they’re also representing several other brands out there.


Selling online is one of the biggest option you have as an apparel seller and nowadays it’s putting retailers out of business because new clothing companies can sell directly to customers through their websites even at a much better price. Building your brand also requires that you figure out what your pricing would look like. It's very important that you know how to price your apparel products, whether there should be enough price margin between wholesale and online retail to know If you’ll only sell from your website at lower prices or the lower price would go for those who wants to purchase in bulk. Business strategies differ but making your rules depends solely on what works best for your brand and develop a personal website where you can showcase all these.


Amazon's added because many business owners only sell from Amazon and choose not to have their own website. This also actually works well for them. This is done because Amazon is an already established platform with a lot of traffic that a business normally would not get on its start-up website. It’s important to be aware that there is a lot of compliance you’ll have to strictly adhere to if you’re working with Amazon and it’s important you follow these, otherwise you could end up with debts of chargebacks which could suck up all the profits from your sales. But if you can adhere to their rules, you can be sure of making great sales of your apparel line on the platform.


With no doubt, planning ahead on ways which you can sell your clothing line would go a long way in ensuring that your fashion business turns out to be profitable and successful. This should be done strategically and you can be assured of making great sales for your clothing products if you follow this blog post very well. you can choose one or all of these options depending on your cost structure.

There you have it again. The post has enumerated ways you can successfully sell your clothing line. I really hope you find this blog post helpful. Let us keep the discussion rolling and know what your opinion is.

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