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Fashion Model


Focus on what is important and leave the rest to us!

LA Fashion Source is a sourcing and apparel manufacturing company that was developed with the aim of helping fashion companies run their business with ease. Through our level of commitment as an apparel manufacturing company and dedication to the fashion companies, we’ve established high level of competency in the mind of our customers with the way we render our services.


With over 12 years of experience in the industry, LA fashion source has established relationships with vendors and contractors that have proven to be professionals when it comes to providing quality products, craftsmanship and pricing.


We offer services in two phases which are developmental and production phases. In the developmental phase, we offer design service, fabric sourcing, pattern and sample making while in the production phase, it is basically grading, garment making and packaging.

With all these resources and knowledge, LA fashion source has come to take a headache out of manufacturing and sourcing in the fashion industry as we are capable of handling any form of your project.

We guaranty you a very good and well carried out job.

Shalcy Robins-Founder

Shalcy Robins-Founder

With 16 years in the fashion industry, an extensive experience in wholesale, vertical retail and corporate operations, Shalcy is greatly respected by her peers in the LA apparel industry.  An unquenchable thirst for knowledge and experience has led Shalcy to a broad, in-depth background and solid skillset in such critical functions as domestic and international sourcing for fabric & accessories; logistics and import support; production management areas such as cut & sew, screen printing & sublimation, retail ready finishing services, production scheduling, outsourcing and quality assurance.  Other areas Shalcy is skilled at are providing support to business (sales) development, creative & design development, product costing, and B2B and B2C relations.    


Through LAFashionSource, Shalcy has assembled an expert team of professionals ready to guide and assist apparel companies in overcoming operating constraints, pressure points, or hurdles in the processes of inspiration to consumer delivery.  Utilizing her domestic and international relationships, and the team’s broad array of talents, LAFashionSource is ready to assist companies in the apparel industry to reach the next level.      


Our Team


Coupled with our experience in the industry, we work with a team of well-trained pattern makers, sample sewers, cutters, screen printers, embroidery and a production team. Also, we have relationships with factories overseas, basically Mexico and China for cutting and sewing production. With all these, you can say we have a team of well dedicated, professional, and selfless personnel.   

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